Residential Conversion, St. Mary Street, Newport

Our clients approached us following their recent acquisition of a former community centre and nursery on St. Mary Street, Newport with a view to provide designs for new residential accommodation.

Our approved proposals provide 19 apartments reusing the existing buildings and an eight-bedroom new-build house of multiple occupation (HMO).

The HMO has been kept discreetly level with adjacent housing and the existing buildings have been touched as lightly as practicable, given the revised natures of their use.

Balconies overlook the inner areas of the site, external areas have been landscaped to be low-maintenance, but with existing soft landscaping retained – all with the intention of encouraging community spirit between the building users.

  • Location

    St. Mary Street, Newport, Wales

Photograph: existing, from St Mary Street.

Photograph: from existing courtyard.

Photograph: existing from St Mary Street into sunken garden.